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These travel pieces have all been written 'on the road'. They are short, snappy, and I hope they offer a taste of my experiences travelling around the lesser-known world.

Vietnam and the roof of Indochina

Laos and the knifeman in the Jungle

Frozen China and the 4000 metre winter solo

Tibet: the secret festival and the eye of the state

Kazakhstan: chasing snow leopards, dodging avalanches

Kyrgyzstan: snow blizzard and a 4000 metre ridge bivi

Tajikistan/Uzbekistan: dancing, dinosaur footprints and arrest

Uzbekistan: escape, loving locals and a mountain slog

Azerbaijan: danger and euphoria

Armenia: vodka, thunderstorms and hiding from wolves

Georgia: party in a ghost town

Turkey: delusions and avalanches, then the bridge into Europe

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