Who says the United Kingdom doesn't have mountians? It's a phrase I've heard many times when travelling overseas, but the mountains of the UK, primarily in the Lake District and North Wales, have been my training ground for many years. Here, I've honed my navigational skills, improved my mountain knowledge, learned about weather systems and discovered (sometimes the hard way) what kit is needed, and what isn't.


In the coming months, I will to take on a single, intense challenge where I will climb the nine 4000+ feet mountains in Scotland, six 3000+ feet mountains in England and fourteen 3000+ feet in Wales, while travelling between each mountain range purely by bicycle.


So, 29 mountains, vertical ascent totaling more than Mount Everest, and over 600 miles in the saddle. My aim: complete the challenge in as short a time as possible.


More details to follow. Please contact me with any sponsorship enquiries, and keep up to date with news on my brand new Facebook page.

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