One Scottish Winter

An overdue exploration of the Scottish mountains in winter

Over the years, I have formed an unsociable habit. Of aiming my finger at an abstract corner of the world map, and packing my bags. I've travelled to fifty countries and climbed mountains in half of those. The allure of foreign lands has always been great, but for as long as I can remember, an unwavering idea has lingered in the depths of my mind. Yet, the draw of Scotland's mountains has somehow never compared to the allure of more exotic places. As the years roll by, though, and 2018 looks set to take me on wilder journeys than ever before, I realised that now, right now, is the perfect time. Now was the time to remove myself, if only temporarily, from all other obligations, from all other wild schemes, and to address my calling from the Highlands. It was time to immerse myself in ONE SCOTTISH WINTER.


In February 2018, with the incredible support, once again, of Brickstore, Wigan, I set out on a winter journey across the Scottish Highlands. Together with my friend and cameraman, Rob Farrington, we travelled the length and breadth of the Scottish Highlands, taking on some of the most iconic mountains, and documenting our journey along the way.


ONE SCOTTISH WINTER will be my first film project. We are currently working on the early edit of One Scottish Winter. Our aim is to get the film featured at at least one of the UK's wonderful mountain film festivals. Watch this space!

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