Oli France is an adventurer and professional expedition leader.


After gaining a degree in Outdoor Leadership (BA) and the British Mountain Leader summer and winter awards, Oli has spent the last decade embarking on intrepid adventures across the world. In winter 2016, Oli travelled overland by any means, alone, from Hong Kong to Istanbul along the 8000-mile mountainous spine of Asia, crossing eleven countries and climbing fourteen mountains in mid-winter, in a journey documented in his first book: The Trail of the Mountain Folk.


Oli has led teams through some of the world’s most dangerous and least visited countries, including Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Turkmenistan and D.R. Congo. To date, he has travelled to 70 countries, and has climbed mountains in half of those, including the likes of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe, Halgurd, the highest mountain in Iraq, and Nyiragongo, a vast volcano in the jungles of the Congo which contains the world’s largest lava lake. In March 2020, Oli completed a solo and unsupported 16-day 405-mile trek/ski across the frozen length of Lake Baikal, Siberia, the world's largest freshwater lake, while dragging a 60kg sled, becoming one of only a handful of people to do so alone.


Oli’s adventures have taken him through deserts, jungles, mountains, and war-torn regions. He has faced spies, interrogators, minefields and arrest, along with avalanches, earthquakes, killer snakes and severe dehydration, all while attempting to complete challenging journeys in remote corners of the world, either alone or while leading a team.


When he’s not travelling, Oli shares his tales at various events across the UK and Europe and organises bespoke expeditions to some of the world’s most unique and hard-to-reach destinations.


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